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We offer around the clock service to all of our customers, providing custom brokerage and international documentation, cargo insurance, claim resolution, and a wide range of individualized consulting services. Whether local or global, extend your supply chain expertise by integrating our team.

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For more than 15 years, we’ve maintained an industry-leading 99%+ on-time delivery record, all while managing and supporting the logistics end of our client’s businesses. We don’t just move the product; we coordinate the details. And companies from antique dealers to high-tech electronics manufacturers keep coming back because no one takes care of their products like we do.

Another Trip to the Super Bowl

Getting the ball on the field

For the Super Bowl in Arizona, a giant football structure had been designed and built offsite in preparation for the game celebrations. We were tapped to get the ball downtown for the party.

  • Logistics plan needed to ensure that no obstruction of traffic would occur en route or on site
  • A crane was on site for other unloading needs, so prompt delivery was required to make sure no overage charges were incurred for crane use
  • Our team worked with the construction team in transit and on site to make sure the shipment was not only delivered, but also built on time for public viewing

The giant football was an amazing centerpiece of the public exhibition, in place with no damage or delay thanks to the coordination and planning from our team.

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